Daily Luggage Storage in NYC

Travelers often arrive in the morning but cannot check into their hotels until 3PM

At Short Term Stow, we will hold your luggage for the day until you are able to check-in, allowing you to explore & enjoy the city without the hastle of carrying your bags

Each piece of luggage can be stored for $10


NYC is known for being a city that attracts people for concerts, parades, sports games & other special situations

Often times, events and venues do not allow customers to carry excess baggage

By storing your bags for the day, Short Term Stow helps free your hands (and mind) so that you can enjoy your outing to the full extent

Job-Related Travel

Millions of people travel to NYC each year for interviews, meetings, conferences, seminars and other professional functions

Whether arriving by airplane, bus, car, train, etc., most travelers have one thing in common: baggage

Let Short Term Stow hold your bags for the day so that you can be fully prepared for any professional outing

Wireless Printing

Would you like to print out your boarding pass, theatre tickets or train stub?

Our store features a wireless printer that can be used to print travel & entertainment tickets

The cost is $1 per print