Short Term Stow offers convenient daily luggage storage for all types of people visiting New York City -- tourists, job-seekers, event-goers and anyone else looking for a simple way to keep personal items safe.

Short Term Stow also provides check-in and/or print options for entertainment (concerts, sporting events, theatre, etc.), transportation (air, bus, train, etc.) and other travel-related services.

We are conveniently located near Penn Station, Port Authority, Times Square and other New York City landmarks.

Daily, Monthly, Weekly Luggage Storage

Are you in NYC?

Stuck with all of your luggage?

Leave it with Us!

It is As Easy As





Drop off your bags at our secure location

We register your items and secure them.

Pick up when Your Ready.

Enjoy what NYC has to offer!


All You Need Is...


Credit Card

Valed Photo ID


Daily Storage


Large Bag/per day


Small Bag/per day

Long Term Storage


Large Bag/each additional day


Small Bag/each additional day